This page provides information on road closures and diversions that are affecting Guernsey’s buses.

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St. Clair Hill - 19 to 21 June 2018

St. Clair Hill - Tue 19 to Thu 21June 2018
Affects Route 21 (journeys towards Town only)

Diversion route: Inbound
(after Braye Road) La Route du Braye - The Bridge - South Quay - Church Road - Grandes Maisons Road - Les Bas Courtils - back on route at Halfway.

No School Services are directly affected, although slight delays may be encountered on St. Sampson's PM journeys.

Rue des Brehauts (Longfrie) - 23 June 2018

Rue des Brehauts - Sat 23 June 2018
Affects Route 61

Diversion route: Outbound
(after La Felconte) Route de Paysans - Route du Longfrie - direct to Airport and back to turn - back on route at Longfrie Inn

Diversion route: Inbound
Route commences at Longfrie Inn.

During this diversion, Route 61 will be unable to serve all points between La Felconte and Longfrie Inn, including L'Eree, Pleinmont and Le Coudre.