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The puffinpass has become the way many now travel on the buses.

Be sure to check out is the puffinpass online shop - making it even easier to top-up your Pay As You Go puffinpass. New products, 7 day puffinpass and 31 day puffinpass will be added to the range and these and be renewed online as well.

The online shop will also let you register your puffinpass, if you were to lose the pass, the credit can be moved to a new pass

The current puffinpass family

The Pay As You Go (PAYG) puffinpass makes daytime journeys just 60p. New passes can be bought from the Kiosk in Town for ?15. Extra top ups can be done on the buses or at the Kiosk in multiples of ?5.

Note: The minimum value to pay by debit/credit card at the Kiosk is ?10.

Around a third of Guernseys students now use a student puffinpass. This gives free daytime, weekend and school holiday travel.

Applications for the student puffinpass can be made at the Town Terminus Shop.

New additions to the puffinpass family

Savings can be made with two new products; 7 day puffinpass and 31 day puffinpass. And by renewing them online even more savings can be achieved, for many these will be the passes used everyday.

The unlimited refers both to the 7 day and 31 day puffinpass being able to be used at any time, including after 10pm, and unlimited describes the way these passes can be continually renewed online at your