7 day and 31 day puffinpass

The new way to travel

The 7 day and 31 puffinpass allows unlimited travel at any time, including late night services.

Step 1: get your puffinpass

You can purchase a 7 day or 31 puffinpass from the Town Terminus Shop.

The passes are bought 'ready to use' and will start as soon as you first use them on a bus.

A 7 day unlimited puffinpass costs just £16 to buy and a 31 day unlimited puffinpass costs just £22, with further discounts available for topping-up your registered card online.

Step 2: renewing your pass

Passes maybe renewed with extra 7 days or 31 days. This can be done at the Town Terminus Shop or on the bus. Blue 'unlimited' passes can be registered and renewed online.

Step 3: away you go!

Simply rest your 7 day or 31 day puffinpass onto the reader next to the driver, who will then give you a ticket. The ticket displays an expiry date so you can renew when it’s running low. Note: It can take up to 48 hours for a renew to appear on the pass.

If you still have questions about any puffinpass, please feel free to speak to our staff at at the Town Terminus Shop - they will be happy to show you how it works.

It can be helpful if you also make a note of the number printed on your puffinpass as this may make it easier to return a lost card.

The small print

Please note that damaged cards, together with their journeys, can only be replaced if the pass is registered online. There is an admin charge for replaced cards. Cards should be handled carefully as we accept no liability for damage caused by misuse.

You can view the full terms and conditions for puffinpass use here.