Parish Link P2

Extension of the Parish Link P2

We are pleased to announce from 5th December 2016 the extension of the Parish Link P2 service linking more communities across the middle of the island.

The service provide options to connect into the majority of the core network, opening up the island to a number of areas that have previously not been served.

The service will directly link the north of the island across the centre on a ninty minute cycle.

The options will allow for a wide range of connections with the rest of the network.

Key points being served include;

  • Princess Elizabeth Hospital
  • L'Aumone
  • Landes du Marche
  • Capelles
  • L'Islet
  • Maraitaine Road (for Vale School and Douzaine Room)

5th December 2016 the service will also include a visit to the Town terminus. This will give a direct route to and from Town for Maison Maraitaine and also Landes du Marche.

P2 timetable