CT Plus will be operating an enhanced Sunday service for Monday to Friday operations, starting Monday 25 January.
During Saturday and Sunday the timetable will be as Sunday Service.
The enhancements are intended for key workers who may be travelling to work.
The additions to the Monday – Friday (as Sunday service) are:

R11 07:00

R32 07:35

R42 08:30

R71 07:05

R12 08:15

R41 07:00

R51 08:20

R81 07:20

R13 07:45

R41 08:00

R51 09:20

R94 06:35

R13 08:45

R42 07:30

R61 07:10

R95 07:20

An additional Mon-Fri 06:35 service has been put in place, which operation as a Route 71 from Town Terminus going as far at the PEH only. While this is primarily to suit hospital workers, any essential workers may use this service. Please call 700456 if you wish to use this additional service.
We are also able to plan for those that work on Saturday with start and end times that might be beyond the current 'Sunday' timetable.

ESSENTIAL WORKER TRAVEL PLANNING If you are an essential worker who may be affected by the current changes in service please let us know. We may then be able to arrange a bus for you that may better reflect the usual timetable and your usual start/finish time. Please call 700456 for journey planning advice.