Media Release from Traffic and Highway Serivices
Date: 26 February 2021

At the end of last year Traffic & Highway Services trialled a new late night bus service in response to requests for an additional route to serve the St Andrew's area.

Following the success of this trial and the positive feedback received, it is proposed that the new N4 night bus route becomes a permanent service once we enter Stage 3 of the exit from lockdown.

Three services will be operated on this new route for both Friday and Saturday nights; departing Town Terminus at 21:45, 22:55 and 00:05.The route will be:

Town terminus - St Julian's Avenue - The Grange - Queen's Road - Mount Row - Le Vauquiedor - Route de St Andre - Les Vauxbelets - Route des Bas Courtils - Route des Picques -Route des Bordages - Les Buttes - Le Neuf Chemin - Rue a L'Or - La Grande Rue - Le Frie Baton - Route de Clos Landais - Rue de L'Eclet - Route du Longfrie - Route de La Tourelle - Route des Frances - Rue du Gron - Route des Bas Courtils - Les Vauxbelets - Route de St Andre - Le Vauquiedor - Mount Row - Queen's Road - St Julian's Avenue - The Grange - North Esplanade - The Quay - South Esplanade - Town terminus.

As is the case with the other late night services, the route is intended to be largely self-funding and so the fare will be £3.00.

In addition to the N4 night bus, an additional Route 93 service departing Town Terminus at 07:35 on Saturdays will be introduced to the timetable on 19 April 2021