It's Harbour Carnival Time!
Please remember that Town Seafront will be closing from 1630hrs on Friday 15 June 2018 to allow this year's Harbour Carnival to take place.
No services will be able to serve the Tourist Information Centre and services that usually serve St. Julian's Avenue or The Grange will be unable.
Owing to the length of the diversion and the fact that it happens at the start of the Friday afternoon peak traffic, delays will be expected as will short-notice cancellations, if vehicles become trapped.
The following diversions will be in force for the evening, from 1630hrs onwards:
R11, R12, R13, R21, R32, R51 & R92 - Town, Val des Terres, La Grange, Weighbridge, back on route.
R31 - Town, Val des Terres, Grange top, back on route.
R41, R42 & R52 - Town, Val des Terres, Mount Row, Kings Road, Route Isabelle, back on route (returning via St. Stephen's church & King's Road).
R61, R71 & R81 - Town, Val des Terres, Mount Row, back on route.
R91, R93, R94, R95 & parishlink P2 - normal route.