Service Disruption - Storm Eleanor

Wednesday 3 January 2018

In response to Met Office updates in relation to the impact of Storm Eleanor on the Bailiwick over the night Tuesday 2 January into Wednesday 3 January 2018, CT Plus has decided to take a proactive stance on how we can safely continue to provide services during the high tides forecast for the above dates.

Although we will endeavour to operate the services in the coastal and western parishes as best we can on Tuesday evening, this situation may need to change at short notice.

However, on Wednesday it will not be safe to operate certain sections of route as the Met Office have designated a RED ‘Severe Flood Warning’.

From the start of services on Wednesday 3 January, we will not be able to serve the following sections of route:
Pleinmont – Fort Grey – L’Eree – Perelle – Vazon Bay

The following diversions will apply:

R61 – As normal to La Felconte, then directly to Longfrie before waiting time and commencing the return journey from Longfrie at the scheduled time.
(Will not serve L’Eree, Pleinmont or Le Coudre).
In addition, the 0723 R61 from Pleinmont to Town Terminus will NOT operate via Perelle & Gele Road but will operate via Mont Saint and Dos d’Ane.

R71 – the 0734 departure from the Airport will depart at 0754 and will operate directly to Longfrie, then Sous L’Eglise.
This service will not operate via the coast.

R91 – as normal to Pleinmont, then return via Torteval, Longfrie, La Felconte, Mont Saint & King’s Mills to Vazon Bay.
(Will not serve L’Eree, Perelle or coast road to Vazon Bay).

R92 – as normal to Vazon Bay, then King’s Mills, Mont Saint, La Felconte, Longfrie and Torteval to Pleinmont.
(Will not serve Vazon coast road to Perelle, L’Eree or Fort Grey).

R93 – as normal to L’Eree Bay but will not call at L’Eree Hotel, instead turning at L’Eree Bunker and returning via Longfrie to the Airport.

R94 – as normal to Pleinmont but will turn at Pleinmont and return via Torteval to the Airport.

We will closely monitor the situation as it develops on Wednesday morning and will reinstate services to their normal routes as and when it is safe to do so, whilst also remaining mindful of not being a hindrance to the emergency or utility services as they attempt to carry out their duties in the affected areas.

Live updates on any disruption will be posted to our Twitter and Facebook feeds; this will be the source of the most up-to-date information at any given time.

We thank you for your patience and appreciate your understanding.
Many thanks, Lee.