Seafront Sunday - 6 Aug - Please be advised that due to the running of Seafront Sunday and the subsequent closure of the Quay and North Esplanade, usual diversions in place. Call 700456 for journey planning.

ALL BUSES inbound and outbound will be routed up and down Fountain Street without exception between the times specified above.

To avoid additional delays please be aware of the following;

Outbound Routes 41, 42 and 52 will use Kings Road (will NOT serve Grange Top or St Stephens Church)

Inbound Routes 41, 42 and 51 will use Kings Road (will NOT serve Grange Top)

Outbound services 61 – 71 – 81 will turn left at the top of Prince Albert Road to go back on route. Inbound services 61 – 71 – 81 will turn right into Prince Albert Road and will not serve Queens Road, The Grange and St. Julians Avenue.

In addition, all outbound bus stops on the North Esplanade, up St Julian’s Ave and Grange Rd, will be suspended. This will also apply to Inbound bus stops coming into Town and going down Grange Rd, St Julian’s Ave and opposite Tourist Information on North Esplanade.

Sunday seafront days to come: 4 June, 11 June, 16 July, 6 Aug, 20 Aug, 27 Aug.