Andrea Nightingale, the Drug & Alcohol Strategy Coordinator and Chair of the Youth Outreach Team, was delighted.

"This has been a great result. The Committee were convinced the buses would be used and were actually worried there would be too many people for the last buses, so in consultation with CT Plus who were very helpful we decided to provide two extra buses to cover every eventuality. Wednesday night was the quieter of the two nights but on Thursday there was an average of 33 people on every bus. Social media made a massive difference as the public really got behind it and helped promote the services."

There was no age group that dominated, with the service being used by young people, families and older people. For those who had taken their cars or were dropped off to enjoy the beer tent there was a safe option to return home.

Lee Murphy, Operations Manager from CT Plus, said:

"I'd like to thank everyone for their support and patience as there were times when it was extremely busy. It was great fun and a really good experience for all concerned. We are now looking forward to the North Show and hopefully to next year which will be bigger and better."

It has been decided to follow the same timetable for the North Show to make it consistent with buses leaving in three different directions around 9.15pm, 10.15pm and 11.15pm from the Saumarez Park triangle. Their routes have been chosen to accommodate the location of the show and with limited resources and funding have tried to cover as many areas as possible.

Mrs Nightingale added:

"This was a great example of multi-agency working; States committees, charitable organisations and a private company all working together to provide a service for the community. We will be having a meeting shortly after the North Show to discuss our resources and funding to see if we can continue the Shows Bus Service next year."