On Wednesday 17 & Thursday 18 August, CT Plus Guernsey will be operating
3 special services to get people home after the West Show at L’Eree.
Services WS1, WS2 & WS3 will operate as follows:

*Service WS1 will depart at 2115, 2215 & 2315hrs.
WS1 operates L'Eree, La Felconte, Mont Saint, King's Mills, Vazon Bay & Cobo Bay.

*Service WS2 will depart at 2120, 2220 & 2320hrs.
WS2 operates L'Eree, Longfrie, Sous L'Eglise, Bas Courtils Estate, Le Chene, St. Martins Village & Town Terminus.

*Service WS3 will depart at 2125, 2225 & 2325hrs.
WS3 operates L'Eree, Pleinmont, Torteval, Airport, St. Martins Village & Town Terminus.

These services will run in addition to all other standard timetabled services.

If you have any questions, please call us on 01481 700456.