Getting to school (from Wednesday 15 June)
**La Grande Rue** - near Mont St. (13 - 17 June)
CHANGE: Beaucamps 5A: Will now go from La Buttes and turn left onto Route des Bordages to Le Gron. Will then head to Longfrie on Route de la Tourelle. Then use Le Frie Baton Road to get to La Grande Rue. Left at La Grande Rue to go back on route.
**Route des Bas Courtil** (11-14 June)
CHANGE: LMDC 3A: Will now not be serving Le Neuf Chemin but will go from Les Buttes and use La Grande Lane/ Rue du Hechet / Les Clos au Comte Road to get to Fleur Hotel Junction. Here the bus will turn right and go to La Houguette Cross Roads, turning left onto La Houguette Road. Will then take La Rocquette to head to coast and back on route at Vazon.
Please note the standard roadworks also remain in place – if your bus has been affected this week it will continue on the planned route.
Any queries please call 700456