Getting to and from school (wk begining 13 June)

**La Grande Rue** - near Mont St. (13 - 17 June)
School buses affected: Beaucamps: 5A, 5B, Grammar: 3B,
LMDC: 3A, 3B

Beaucamps 5A: Will go from Rue A L’Or to the Rue du Dos D’Ane and Les Grandes Moulins and back on route. Will miss out La Grande Rue, Perelle Road, Richmond coast and Gele Road.

Beaucamps 5B: Same as 5A but in opposite direction.

Grammar 3B: From Les Grandes Moulins take Gele Road, Richmond coast and in at Perelle Road to get back on route. Will miss out Rue du Dos D’Ane and La Grande Rue.

**Rue Piette** (13 - 17 June)
School buses affected: Beaucamps 1A, 2A, 1B, 2B, 3B; Grammar 4B, 6B.

Beaucamps 1A and 2A: will use Les Touilets Road to get back on route at Route de L’Eglise (by Fairfield)

**Rue des Cottes** (13 June - 1 July)
School buses affected: Grammar 7B, Capelles 2B, St Sampsons High 3A, 4B.

Grammar 7B: Bus will use Haut Courtils Road and Route de Vaugrat to get to coast, turning right at Rousse to get back on route. Will not serve Rue des Cottes, La Passee and Les Vardes.

St Sampsons High 4B: Route de Vaugrat, Les Haut Courtils and Rue de La Grande Maison to get back on route.

Capelles 2B: From Rue Sauvage bus will turn left, then right onto Hauts Courtils Lane and Rue de Vaugat, heading to coast. Will turn left at Les Vardes and back on route.

**Route des Bas Courtil** (11-14 June)
Schools buses affected: Grammar 6B, LMDC 3A, LMDC 3B,

Grammar 6B: Will turn right from Route de L’Issue onto Route des Houguets. Then take Les Prevost Road, Route de Bordages and La Route des Piques to get back on route at Le Gron.

LMDC 3A: From Les Buttes will take Les Prevost Road and Route des Hougets to then turn around at SpecSavers and return along same route. Will miss out Route des Bas Courtils and La Route des Piques. The safest place for students who would catch at Les Bas Courtil is to wait at the top of La Rue au Page which meets La Villiaze Road.

LMDC 3B: same as 3A but in opposite direction.

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