CT Plus is pleased to introduce a live times tracker to their bus app as part of a pilot programme. Added to the existing app on Wednesday 16 March, the trial includes a tracking map which shows the position of a number of the buses around the island. It is hoped this information will make planning journeys even easier as those wanting to take a bus will know where the bus is along the route.

Many routes will also see the inclusion of a live countdown timer for each bus stop on the app, based on how far the actual bus is away from the stop. Where available it will say in minutes how long it will take the bus to arrive. Other routes are expected to be added to the countdown timer and the live time tracker in the coming weeks.

Whe using the live times tracker, if the buses look out of place, try refreshing (on the mobile app this can be done by pressing the Guernsey flag). A full copy of the notes on how to use the new features and what routes are currently available can be seen here