For the first time the Winter Timetable continues the same frequency of service as the Summer Timetable. The Routes you already know are very similar if not the same. However there is a new P2 Route. This aims to connect many more services and create new stops in the north of the island.

The timetables are now live to see. The P2 service is at the base. CT Plus are delighted to have La Vallette Bathing Pools as the cover for the Winter 2015 Timetable.

Puffin Pass is now available from the Kiosk in Town. Initially bought for £15 of credit, the passes can be later topped up on the buses in multiples of £5

Each journey will deduct 55p from your Puffin Pass or £2 after 10pm.

Books of tickets will no longer be sold. It has proved difficult to exchange any remaining paper tickets to the Puffin Pass, therefore any remaining paper tickets you have can still be used for the foreseeable future.