The Summer timetable starts on Monday 4 May 2015.

Improvements made to the previous Winter’s timetable have been carried through and further enhanced as part of the new Summer timetable. In light of the fact that the Environment Department has commissioned a new year-round network and timetable, Islanders can now look forward to consistent service levels all year round.

What’s new?

The new network and timetable has some enhancements and changes, helping to make taking the bus an even more practical choice.

Improved frequency of services additional services have been provided at ‘peak times’ on Routes 41, 61 and 71 and during the middle of the day on certain other routes, making bus travel outside of rush hours easier.

New bus routes

Following on from the recent introduction of the new Parish Link ‘P1’ service serving outlying communities not previously on the network with a dedicated smaller vehicle, and new Routes 32 and 52 to complement existing services on Routes 31 and 51 respectively, a further two additional bus routes, one for the North of the Island and one for the South West have been added:

  • Route 22 now runs alternate services with the Route 21 to provide a direct link to and from Town via Route Militaire / Vale Church.

  • Route 94 now runs alternative services with the Route 93 to provide a direct link to and from Town via the Airport and St. Martin’s from L’Eree Hill and Longfrie together with a convenient circular link to community services in St. Peter’s and Forest for residents of Forest, St. Peter’s and Torteval.

Some changes

There are a few further changes:

  • Route 21 no longer serves Les Tracheries and Port Grat in light of the recently introduced Route 32 which now also serves these areas.

  • Route 12 no longer serves L’Islet in light of the newly introduced Route 32 which now also serves this area. Services between the Bridge and L’Islet continue to be provided by the Route 91/92 and now include two additional early morning services from Grandes Rocques – L’Islet – Bridge – Town.

  • Route 11 has now been split into two separate routes with the northern half of the route (from Town to L’Ancresse) remaining as the Route 11 and the southern half of the route (from Town to the Airport) being renumbered as the Route 95.

  • Route 31 now returns to Town via Le Bouet and Glategny Esplanade with the Route 32 providing connections from Beau Sejour into Town.

  • Friday and Saturday Night Buses will only operate on Routes 11, 41 and 95 on a reduced hourly frequency.

The full Summer 2015 'compendium' timetable can be downloaded here and a map of the Summer network can be downloaded here.