DATE: 9 JANUARY 2015          


Dai Powell, CEO of HCT Group says:

‘CT Plus are very pleased to have been chosen as the preferred provider of the new bus contract in Guernsey. While we are still in discussions with the States on the details, we have been able to tender for an enhanced service and this will allow us to implement some of the changes we have been unable to up until now. The main thrust of the new contract is threefold:

‘First, improvements to the service provision itself. We are still discussing details, but as part of a package there will be a roll out of new vehicles over the life of the contract, with other service elements under contract discussion. on some routes and enhancements on others.

‘Second, the introduction of better online information, including real time information in the first year of the new contract.  This is vital if we are able to give customers the information about the service they need and it also enables us to better monitor the service to ensure the continued improvement in reliability is maintained.

‘The third major change will be in support of our staff. We will invest in more training for our staff to reflect the specific needs of Guernsey. In addition, we have also tendered with enhanced terms and conditions for drivers - which we are currently exploring with the States. This we feel will further drive up the quality of the service and be welcomed by all staff.

‘We are still in discussions with the States and therefore at this stage we are unable to go into great detail, but we are excited about the possibilities of taking the bus service in Guernsey to the next level.’