The winter timetable is out online and can be downloaded here.
Individual route timetables can be found here

You can see a winter network map here

The timetable has been developed after extensive consultation and has some key changes to reflect the feedback of the travelling public:

A better round-Island service

In addition to Route 91, which runs clockwise around the Island, we have introduced Route 92, which runs anticlockwise – meaning that the round-Island service now runs in both directions.

Simplifying Route 11

Route 11 now runs from the Airport via Town to L’Ancresse and Bordeaux, making it easier to use. Other destinations previously served by the 11 are now served by new routes.

Some new routes

In addition to Route 92, we’ve introduced Route 93, connecting L’Eree and Fort Grey with the Airport and Town. We’ve also introduced Route 12, connecting Pembroke Bay, L’Islet and The Bridge to Town.

Connecting the Airport to PEH

Route 71 now continues to the Airport, providing a direct link to and from the PEH.

Night buses

Night bus services will continue, with the last buses from Town departing at midnight for the winter. The Route 11 night bus will now serve L’Ancresse and the Airport.