As we move to an Ormer Card being the only way to get your residents’ discount fare of £1, Ormer cards will be available free of charge from Monday on production of Guernsey ID.

Islanders have told us that they would prefer not to be asked their resident’s status every time they take the bus, so from 7 October, the only way to access the £1 fare will be to show an Ormer card – otherwise it’s the £2 full fare. For Islanders, this means never again being asked to prove residency, but it does mean getting an Ormer Card.

To make that easier for everyone, we will be waiving the normal £1 charge for an Ormer card, starting from Monday 2 September until the start of the winter timetable on 7 October. We’ll also be making these Ormer Cards available on bus. Guernsey residents simply need to present their ID one last time and collect their Ormer Card.

No credit is needed to use an Ormer to access the £1 fare, just show the Ormer Card to the driver, pay your £1 and away you go. Islanders should consider putting some credit on, as it means big savings over and above the £1 fare.

The OAP concession system has not changed – no Ormer is needed. Older people can carry on using their social security card to access free travel as before.