The temporary timetable will be running as previously advertised on Monday 24 June - Friday 28 June. School services will be running as normal. Should this change, we will update our customers directly. 

Due to staff shortages, we will be curtailing and cancelling some services. Rather than cancelling services ad hoc, we are publishing all service curtailments in advance. This will allow the travelling public to plan their journeys around the disruption. CT Plus would like to apologise to our customers for the disruption caused. 

The temporary weekday timetable will operate on Routes 11, 21, 41, 42 and 81. Weekend services on the 15th and 16th of June and the 29th and 30th of June will run as normal.

We have been successfully exploring every means necessary to secure short term driving staff. We are looking to reintroduce the full scheduled service no later than Monday 1 July. The additional week will be taken to ensure that temporary driving staff on Island to address our staff shortfall will have sufficient time to learn the routes and Island geography.

Wherever possible, we have avoided cancelling or curtailing services in the morning and evening rush hours - and in the afternoon school transport peak period. However, a small number of these services are affected.

Route 11: The 0622, 0822 and 1532 departures from Pembroke are cancelled, as are the 0722 and 1622 departures from the Airport. The 14:22 departure from Fort Grey is curtailed at Town. The 17:22 service From Pembroke is curtailed at Town. From approximately 0900 to approx 1530, trips that would normally go from Pembroke to the Airport are being curtailed at Town. This reduces the airport frequency to every half hour during this time. You can download temporary Route 11 timetables below

Route 11 Northbound

Route 11 Southbound

Route 21: Reduced to an hourly service between 0845 and 1545. You can download atemporary Route 21 timetable here 

Route 81: Reduced to an hourly service from 0900 to 1600. You can download a temporary Route 81 timetable here

Routes 41 and 42: There will be a reduced frequency between approx 0900 to 1500. Each route will be reduced from half hourly to hourly. To maintain the service during the morning and evening rush hours - and in the afternoon school transport peak period, we will maintain the half hour frequency by adding an extra bus. You can download temporary Route 41/42 timetables below

Route 41 and 42 timetable