Proposed new Route 111 comes as a direct result of public feedback, Guernsey’s bus operator, has announced a proposed new route as a direct result of feedback given to the public consultation organised by the Environment Department on the proposed bus network as an alternative option to be considered as part of the current public consultation.

The new Route 111 would run along the west coast from L’Eree to L’Islet, before cutting inland to the Bridge via Freesia Centre and Braye Crossroads, returning along the same route. The service would run five times a day - on Mondays to Saturdays - in each direction.

Capacity for the route would be found by withdrawing Route 32 – a proposed limited service to Les Vardes via Capelles and then back to Town via Pleinheaume – which would run anti-clockwise to the proposed Route 31. The Route 31 would remain as suggested.

“We believe in genuine public consultation that leads to real change.” said, Camilla Poole, Operations Manager of “As a result of public feedback, we are proposing an alternative option to replace the proposed Route 32 with a new Route 111. This will ensure that areas of the west coast do get a dedicated bus service.

“There is a finite amount of resources – which means a more frequent service in one place leads to a less frequent service somewhere else. We want to get the balance right – between putting on services based on actual patterns of travel and ensuring that communities are not isolated. We would urge people to contribute to the extended consultation and let us know what they think.”

In addition to proposing Route 111, feedback has also led to a fresh proposal for Route 11 - that two services in the morning and two services in the afternoon go via The Grange to provide better school connections for children and young people in the South and South-West.

These proposed alternative options are presented as part of the overall review of routes first published in a Gazette Notice on 14th March and comments are invited on both the original proposed alterations and this alternative. You can find out more about the new Route 111 - and all of the rpoposed network changes here. To take part in the public consultation, please e-mail your feedback to by 6th April 2013.