We recognise that a lot of our passengers use our buses to travel between key destinations, such as Town to The Bridge. For the new winter timetable which starts 1 October, we’ve produced a timetable for just that – what do you think?

It’s a surprising fact, but a decisive majority Guernsey’s bus passengers travel to destinations between Town and The Bridge, or Town and St Martins. Each of these ‘corridors’ is served by more than one bus route, so to find the next bus, people are constantly having to cross reference different timetables.

To help with that issue, we’ve developed a timetable that shows journeys between key points as if it were just one route. The first one is for Town – The Bridge – Town – covering some of the busiest destinations on the network. The second one is for between Town and St Martins.

You can download the corridor timetable for Town – The Bridge – Town here

You can download the corridor timetable for Town - St Martins - Town 

We’d like to know what you think. If people think it’s a good idea, we’ll print some hard copies as a wallet sized mini-timetable. Let us know on