This page provides information on road closures and diversions that are affecting Guernsey’s buses.

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Vazon Motor Sprints - Key Dates

Closure of Vazon coast road

26 March - afternoon

18 June - afternoon

15 Oct - all day


Jerbourg Road/ La Moye Lane (11 Jan - 19 Feb) Full closure from 3rd Feb

PLEASE NOTE: Old Mill - Jerbourg (From 3 Feb)

At some point 3rd Feb the Route 81 section from the Old Mill to Jerbourg will be suspended as there will be no suitable turning point for the bus during roadworks.


Please be aware that due to the closure of Jerbourg Road and La Moye Lane/viewing point, all Route 81 and school buses will turn around at the Doyle Monument.

Affected bus stops will be suspended with the addition of a temporary stop at the turning point opposite the Doyle Monument.

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Rue de la Porte (8 - 19 Feb)

Affects: Route 61 outbound
School Buses affected: Beaucamps 4B, 5B. Castel 1B. Grammar 5B.

Please be advised that due to the one-way in place towards the filter on the above mentioned road, Scheduled and School bus services that normally travel east are to follow the diversion as indicated above, which will take you via La Houguette Rd to turn left onto Vazon coast road. Then continue westbound along the coast to turn left along Rue du Gele to get back on route at the west end of Les Grande Moulins.

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Grandes Maisons Road and Bulwer Avenue (25 Jan - 13 Feb)

Please be aware that the works being undertaken on and around the above mentioned roads will be in two phases. Phase 1 - Southbound scheduled and school buses will be diverted along Rue Dorey and Bulwer Avenue from The Bridge on route towards Town. Northbound access into Les Grandes Maisons Road will still be possible.

Please note that during Phase 1 there will be no exit from Les Grandes Maisons Rd into Bulwer Avenue.

During phase 1 inbound routes 11, 12 and 91 will follow the diversion with associated bus stops along Church Road, New Road and Les Grandes Maisons Road heading into Town under subsequent suspension. In addition, the last bus stop on the end of Les Bas Courtils Rd in close proximity with the temporary traffic lights will also be suspended.

Phase 2 – All scheduled and school buses will use Bulwer Avenue in either direction. All affected bus stops both outbound and inbound during phase 2 will be suspended. Nearest bus stops will be on Les Bas Courtils Rd or, The Clock Tower, Southside, The Bridge.

Please note that during Phase 2 there will be no access to Les Grandes Maisons Rd from Bulwer Avenue.

School routes affected are: Grammar 2B, St Sampson 6B.

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Les Bourg (7 Feb) Traffic lights being used - does mean suspended bus stops

Routes – 91, 92, 93, 94 & 95

Please be aware that the bus stops between the traffic lights will be suspended whilst this work is being undertaken.

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Rue des Portelettes and Route de Pleinmont (25 Jan - 8 April) - between 0800 and 1545 weekdays

Please be advised that due to the resurfacing works required on the above mentioned roads, the following diversion information will apply to scheduled buses:

Between 08:00 and 15:45pm each day Monday to Friday

Routes 91 & 94 will be diverted at the junction of Rue des Landes and Rue de la Villiaze west, along La Route des Farras, Route de Plaisance, straight on through Rue des Brehauts filter and Rue du Longfrie, then continue on down through Route des Adams to L’Eree Hotel to go back on route.

Routes 92 and 93 will turn around at The Imperial Hotel and return along the coast road as far as Route du Coudre, where they will turn right and proceed up towards the Route des Brehauts, turning right at the filter back towards the Rue des Landes then back on route towards the Airport.

All bus stops from Rue de la Villiaze through Torteval as far as The Imperial Hotel in either direction will be suspended between the times and on the days stated above. Nearest Bus Stops will be on Rue des Landes or at the Imperial Hotel turning point.

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