This page provides information on road closures and diversions that are affecting Guernsey’s buses.

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Affects Bus Routes: 60 and 61

Diversion route: Outbound: 61: Ville au Roi – Les Oberlands – PEH – Back on route.

Inbound: 61: PEH – Les Oberlands – Ville au Roi – Back on route.

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Amherst Road (26 - 28 May)

Affects Bus Route: 31, 32

Summary: The section of road by Beau Sejour is closed. Buses on diversion will avoid the area and use coast and Le Bouet to get to La Vrange Estate.

Diversion route: Inbound: 32: La Vrangue – Le Bouet – St Georges Esplanade – Glategny Esplanade – Back on route.

Outbound: 31: Glategny Esplanade – St Georges Esplanade – Le Bouet – La Vrangue – Back on route.

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Rue de la Maladerie (UFN)

Affects Bus Routes: 91, 92.

Summary: Buses will divert inland from coast between Rue du Gele and Perelle Road

Diversion route: Outbound: 91: Rue Perelle – La Grande Rue – Le Mont Saint – Rue du Dos D’Ane – Rue du Gele – Back on route.

Inbound: 92: Rue du Gele – Rue du Dos D’Ane – Le Mont Saint – La Grande Rue – Rue Perelle – Back on route.

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Fountain St (26 May - 12 June)

Affects Bus Routes: 91, 92, 93, 94, 95.

Summary: This road will be one-way down to coast. Affected buses leaving Town will divert using Val des Terres.

Diversion route: Inbound: None.

Outbound: Le Val des Terres – Back on route.

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Baubigny Road (26 - 29 May)

Affects Bus Route: 21

Summary: The road leading to school is closed. R21 will divert using St Clair Hill and Braye du Valle - Back on Route by M&S

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Route de Cobo (26 - 28 May)

Affects Bus Routes: 41, 42.

Summary: Heading to coast R41 will use Friquet and R42 will use Rectory Hill. Returning to Town buses will use Route de Carteret (pedestrian bridge). Inbound buses will make a loop with the old Castel Hospital, stopping at L'Aumone garage shelter stop.

Diversion route: Outbound:

41: Rue du Friquet - Route de La Charruee – Back on route.

42: Rectory Hill – Rue du Preel – Les Beaucamps – Back on route.

Inbound: 41,42: Route de Carteret – Route de La Charruee – Rue du Friquet – Rectory Hill Loop – Back on route.

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La Ville Baudu (26 - 29 May)

Affects Bus Route: 13.

Diversion route: Inbound:
La Route Militare – La Route du Braye – Sohier Road – Back on route.

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