This page provides information on road closures and diversions that are affecting Guernsey’s buses.

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Route des Coutures, Vale (22 July – 3 Sept)

Affects Bus Routes: P2, 13

Summary: This is the road that leads up from Bridge Iceland to the crossroads junction of Vale School.

P2 will use Braye road. Missing out Route des Coutures/Maraitaine Road/Sohier Road in both directions.

R13 Inbound will divert from Maison Au Comte and use Sohier Road/Braye Road to get Back on Route at Bridge Iceland.

Missing out Route des Coutures/Maraitaine Road/Sohier Road.

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Guelle Road (10 – 31 Aug)

Affects Bus Routes 31

Route 31 will not be able to access the areas of Amherst – Guelle Road and La Vrangue.

R31 will divert at the end of Brock Road – Elm Grove – St Jacques – Rozel Road – La Couture – Back on Route at Route de la Ramee.

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Rue du Friquet (10 – 28 Aug)

Affects Bus Route P2.

P2 OUTBOUND will divert at the base of Nerve Rue – heading left onto Le Vllocq/Haye du Puits – Route de Saumarez – Rue Cohu – Back on Route at Landes du Marche.

Those who usually catch P2 (heading towards the Bridge) at L’Aumone garage bus shelter are asked to wait at Neuve Rue stop.

P2 INBOUND (To Town) is not affected.

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La Grandes Rue, St Saviour (11 – 14 Aug)

Affects Bus Routes: 60 and 61.

This road will close 9am Tues 11th Aug (expected to reopen by 3pm same day) then will close for full days 12th – 14th  Aug.

OUTBOUND buses will divert using Rue du Gele – Vazon Coast Road – Route de la Perelle – Rue Perelle – Back on Route.

INBOUND buses will divert using Rue Perelle – Route de la Perelle – Vazon Coast Road – Rue du Gele – Back on Route

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