Charity Advertising

Panel Advertising

CT Plus is pleased to be able to offer special rates for charity advertising. New large wide interior panels cost just £100 each and can remain in place for three months. These are great for charities where it is important for the sponsors to be represented.

The visual space of these interior panels is an impressive 1450mm x 326mm.

The materials used to make the posters for the new interior panels are more affordable then previous methods, around £50 per poster. We are able to recommend local companies that have taken the measurements ready to make the posters.


Poster Advertising

CT Plus is also able represent small local charities with their A4 posters placed in several buses and the Town Terminus Shop. As this is a free service it remains very popular and we ask that only a dozen such posters are provided to suit our needs. These posters will need to have a ‘dated’ event on them eg. charity fête or concert. We are not able to display for free posters where the sponsor is included.

Public events organised by a non-charities where there is no cost to take part can be represented with A4 posters for free, provided they are small scale events and it is clear they have not paid for advertising elsewhere.

Where A4 posters have been agreed we will do our best to put them up for the event.

For more information about charity advertising contact CT Plus at or call (01481) 700456.